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Whether you're a beginner or an expert, Robociti provides an easy and well-structured way for you to enter, grow, connect and get hired in the Robotics & AI industry.

What is Robociti?

Robociti is a comprehensive solution for accessing the world of robotics and AI.

Robociti provides robotics education, networking, competitions, career opportunities and robotics hardware to everyone, at any time, and to all corners of the world.

In that way, we are revolutionizing the entire robotics and AI industry and building the most innovative and creative community of influential technology pioneers.

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Junior Robotics Engineer

Go from a complete beginner to an entry-level Robotics Engineer

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Wheeled Robot DEMO Course

Get introduced to the Robociti platform functional...

Introduction to 3D Printing

Learn the basics behind 3D Printing, the revolutio...

Build A Motion Controlled Wheeled Robot

Create a four-wheeled robot based on the Raspberry...

Designing Delivery Robots

Design a wheeled robot that will be used for deliv...

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Wheeled Robot
Artificial Intelligence
Robot Operating System
Sensors & IoT
Innovation Design
Humanoid Robots
Drone Robots
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Robociti Open Python Challenge

Avoid obstacles in the fastest time possible with ultrasonic sensors

Life After COVID-19: The New Normal with Robotics & AI

Avoid obstacles in the fastest time possible with ultrasonic sensors

Maze Escape Next Level Competition

Avoid obstacles in the fastest time possible with ultrasonic sensors

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