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Whether you're a beginner or an expert, Robociti provides an easy and well-structured way for you to enter, grow, connect and get hired in the Robotics & AI industry.

What is Robociti?

Robociti is a comprehensive solution for accessing the world of robotics and AI.

Robociti provides robotics education, networking, competitions, career opportunities and robotics hardware to everyone, at any time, and to all corners of the world.

In that way, we are revolutionizing the entire robotics and AI industry and building the most innovative and creative community of influential technology pioneers

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    Read course description and requirements, and choose the course adapted to your level which will help you achieve your personal goals.

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    Combine expertise in various fields of AI & Robotics by learning more about theory, assembly and coding, and participating in mini-challenges and online competitions.

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    Get Acknowledged

    Share your results with the community, and leverage your acquired skills to find unique job opportunities.

What area of Robotics are you interested in?

Wheeled Robot

40+ hours

Artificial Intelligence

30+ hours


30+ hours

Sensors & IoT

40+ hours

Robot Operating System

40+ hours

Innovation Design

30+ hours


Win prizes and get hired by solving real-world robotics & AI problems from companies and educational institutions

Wheeled Robot Obstacle Avoidance Competition [OVER]

Avoid obstacles in the fastest time possible with ultrasonic sensors

Wheeled Robot Motion Control Competition [OVER]

Navigate a given track with the robot in the shortest time possible


Passionate about Robotics and coding? Join the experts community and challenge yourself through our unique platform Robociti! Discover more about our courses and the potential rewards


Facing new challenges with the development of automation and AI technology in your industry? Leverage your workforce’s skills by setting up personalized training and organize competitions to hire the best talents.

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